A man who integral to UK’s politics for well over half a century, Kenneth Clarke is a politician that Britain needs today. If only human cloning were legal, we would have hundreds of clone Clarkes running the offices and boy, that would sure bring an end to loads of problems the country faces today!

Welcome to Ken-Clarke.com: The place where you get to know the centrist Kenneth Clarke. Yup, he is not like any other British politician alive today.


He is a man who wears his heart on his shoulders. He is never afraid to stand up for what he believes in, even if it means going against his own party line. Not once but thrice, his own beliefs have brought him disfavour from his own party. Not many politicians are made that ways now.

He continues to play an active part in Britain’s politics till date. Best known for his term as Chancellor of the Exchequer, he was personally responsible for improving the economy of the country at the end of the last millennium. He is also a personality that you can meet and never feel overwhelmed by. A down-to-earth kind of bloke who really does not fit the image of a modern-day politician. He actually has views and can back up his beliefs with certifiable facts and figures. Wouldn’t that be great to see on a broader scale?